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Wednesday, December 15th 2010 7pm
Center 548, 548 West 22nd Street, New York

TITLE: Multiple Collection, 2008-2010
MEDIUM: Tableware, LP, single packaged in a one off textile sculpture
DETAILS: Multiple Collection combines their most essential multiples and editions from the past three years, in a one off, imaginatively designed textile sculpture container. Included: 2x “Rio” cup and saucer (prod 2010, edition 200), 1x “Rio” bowl (prod 2009, edition 200), 1x “Art of Cheese” LP (prod 2008, edition 1000), 1x “Ipanema Man” single (prod 2008, edition 1000).

Follow this link to Flux Factory's auction. Flux Factory


in relation to the exhibition Upstream by Øyvind Renberg and Miho Shimizu

Charlotte Bik Bandlien
Art & Stuff – between contemporary art and anthropology

Sunday November 14th, 4 PM
Hordaland Art Centre

Rio cup and saucer

In relation to the exhibition Upstream by Øyvind Renberg and Miho Shimizu, we welcome you to a lecture by Charlotte Bik Bandlien, anthropologist and researcher om material culture with SIFO. Bandlien will talk about the dynamics between "the ethnographic turn” in contemporary art and “the crisis of representation” in anthropology, the transgression of contemporary art and anthropological theories as integrated phenomena, and about the concept of style and “the material turn”.

Rio cup and saucer

Check out: Norway Design, Torpedo, Backe i Grensen in Oslo, coming to more shops soon.

Rio 2010 is also currently on display as part of the exhibition Upstream at Hordaland Kunstsenter in Bergen, Norway. In conjunction with the show, it can be purchased at Hordaland Kunstsenter and Sakristiet café in Bergen.


New pieces in the Rio porcelain set will be launched at the Designer's own Christmas market at DOGA in Oslo. Come and see our stall!

Peanut Circuit's "Rio" Porcelain will be represented as part of Virgin Bar, Seoul, from 21st August 2010. Virgin Bar presents quality drinks, food and music surrounded by artworks and multiples.

Live tunes: Art of Cheese Band and Peanut Circuit performs at the private opening party on Friday 20th. at 6PM.

Opening hours:
Sunday - Thursday 18:00 - 02:00
Friday - Saturday 18:00 - 03:00

The Virgin Bar
739-6 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-893, Korea
Tel: +82 (2) 790 1471


New pieces in the Rio porcelain set will be launched at the Designer's own Christmas market at DOGA in Oslo. Come and see our stall!

Dates: 5 - 6 December 2009, 10-18.00 both days.
Location: DOGA, Oslo, Norway


Rio Poreclain was nominated in the Graphic Design Open Category in the annual Visuelt competition in Norway. Visit the Visuelt pages here (in Norwegian only)


Currently in shops: Bache i Grensen (Oslo), DOGA (Oslo), Norway Designs (Oslo), Torpedo (Oslo), Common (Helsinki), Gram (Kamakura / Japan)
Reported in papers: Stavanger Aftenblad NOV/2008 (Norway), Dagbladet 30/NOV/2008 (Norway), Aftenposten 03/DEC/2008 (Norway)
Featured in magazine: Bo Bedre Norge January issue (Norway) and Maison issue 2, April-May (Norway)

陶磁器リオ 2009をDOGAにて発表します。

新しい陶磁器リオの商品をDOGA(オスロ)のクリスマス マーケットで発表します。ぜひいらしてください。 日程:2009年 12月5日ー6日、10-18:00(両日とも)


陶磁器リオは毎年開催されるVISUELTコンペティション(ノルウェー)のグラフィックデザイン オープンカテゴリー部門にてノミネート作品に選ばれ入賞しました。VISUELTのページはこちら。(ノルウェー語のみ)

ピーナッツ サーキットによるフィッギオ社陶磁器のための装飾デザイン

こちらのお店で販売中:Bache i Grensen (オスロ)、DOGA (オスロ)、ノルウェーデザイン(オスロ)、Torpedo (オスロ)、Common (ヘルシンキ)、Gram (鎌倉)
掲載された新聞: Stavanger Aftenblad NOV/2008 (ノルウェー)、Dagbladet 30/NOV/2008(ノルウェー)、Aftenposten 03/DEC/2008 (ノルウェー)
掲載された雑誌: Bo Bedre Norge1月号(ノルウェー)、Maison issue 2, 4月ー5月号(ノルウェー)

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